Pre – After Wedding




The trend of nowadays is to offer to your friends and family the pleasure of your happiness of marriage in a party. So we propose you the following ideas:

Bachelor- 2-3 days before the wedding: the bride and her friends have fun somewhere that the groom and his friends not even know the place but the same happens in the opposite side, the groom and his friends have fun somewhere where nobody else knows (ideas….too many as private parties on the beach or in a villa, in a famous club, on a boat…)

Party for the friends- 1-2 nights before the wedding: the couple organizes a party where they can have fun with their friends, listen and dance to the music they like, do whatever they think is crazy and have photos just with them.

Party for the family-1 night before the wedding: That should be a lunch or dinner by the pool and give the pleasure of the two families, bride’s and groom’s, getting to know each other (aunts, uncles, cousins…) and also to have fun with the music they prefer, to have family photos and be more relaxed than the day of the wedding.

Reception of the wedding day: In this reception the couple usually invites members of the family, friends, colleagues, associates, neighbors, so the reception should be a sitted or a buffet dinner where everybody could enjoy the food, champagne and wine, dance, taste the wedding cake and share the happiness of the couple.

After wedding relaxed party: JUST FOR THE COUPLE enjoying a private dinner or a whole day organized by us and just you!



Strengthen your everlasting love by creating new vows to each other or by using the original vows you had on your wedding day. Bring romantism to your married life in a beautiful place like Crete.



Love..."love is in the air..." smiles...kisses... What will give the biggest smile to the woman you love???......What else? The engagement proposal.  So, you have to buy "the engagement ring", a bouquet and what is missing? The right place and the right moment!

Here comes GLAM Events! Our team will propose you the best venue, the right time and the proposal will be imprinted in your memories for ever! Don't think it twice, just contact us and we'll make your engagement exceptional!




You got married, you feel then happiest ever and the only thing that you can think of now, is to be alone with your other half in a fantastic site.

GLAM recommends unique ideas that will be so difficult for you to chose, as Romantic Dinner in a lonely beach full of candles, Cruize and dinner in the middle of the sea just the two of you, a luxury dinner in the most beautiful Venetian Castle's terrace and.......many more. Just let us know the date and we'll have everything ready for you!



A baby comes in your life and everything changes.....POSITIVELY! We call it baby, little precious, honey.....many many names but at a certain time the baby should be given its official name! In Greece we use to vaptise the baby some months after birth and till the age of two, but in countries abroad the name should be given exactly when it's born.

In both cases we'll be with you and we'll take care of everything: invitations, decoration, sweets, clothes, photos, video, reception....everything...and all of them in the right venue!