Civil ceremony

A civil marriage can be arranged at the City Hall or any other place of your choice.

The significant difference our company has to offer you that no other  weddings' company in Crete is able to arrange for you is that we do not perform the official marriage neither at the town hall, nor to specific days and times. We can solemnize the marriage, any day and hour of the week at any external point as a beach, a hill or even in your hotel of your wish. All that is needed from you, is to go together one of the following days at the Town Hall to sign your legal wedding documents.

The necessary documents for the wedding must be in our offices 30-45 days prior to the date of the ceremony.(see legal info page)


Christian Orhodox

The Orthodox ceremony can be held at different types of churches, from Cathedrals to Chapels. For more information please contact Glam Events



The Catholic ceremony can be held at the Catholic Church of Chania.   For updates and useful information please contact Glam Events